How To Find The Best Home Heating Oil Delivery Service

By | October 2, 2013

heating oil deliveryIn mostly every state in this country, there are more than a hundred different fuel and heating oil companies with different kinds of services intended to make heating a lot more convenient for the homeowner.

Service primarily depends on the needs and preference of the consumer. For instance, one can pick a heating oil service that can deliver oil on a regular basis and at the same time maintain and provide service for the heating unit. In other instances meanwhile, consumers may opt to purchase oil based on the immediate need and will ask for a separate contract of service, whenever it is needed.

If you are looking for a heating oil delivery company, one of the most important things to look at is the Lehigh Valley fuel oil prices offered by that company, and then you compare the same to the average price in the industry. Also, you may want to look at the other services included in the offer or agreement as well as the discounts or other forms of special offers. Finally, you should be able to contact and get information from the Better Business Bureau with regards to the company’s experience and history in service. This is to make sure you’re looking and dealing with someone who has a well-established reputation.

Furthermore, as a homeowner who wants to secure the best possible heating oil delivery service as winter approaches, you have to understand the importance of shopping around and searching for multiple quotations. This will give you the advantage of weighing several options and determining which one is the best right before actually signing the service contract agreement.

Types of Heating Oil Companies

Full Service – The most common type is called the full heating oil service company. This company will not only sell fuel and heating oil, but also provide a wide variety of services that includes automatic and regular deliveries, emergency service24/7, thirty-day credit, fixed price programs, equipment and heating maintenance, installation service of new heating equipment, budget plans, and others. You want this company if what you’re looking for is comprehensive and all-in-one service.

Discount Oil Company – The discount heating oil company on the other hand is different and even opposite to that of the full service in several aspects. For instance, discounters will not offer the maintenance and installation of the heating equipment or any other related services. They are exclusively providing heating oil delivery service, and most of the time, the service is based on “cash on delivery” system, which means you pay them every time they deliver. The best thing about a discount oil company, as the name implies, is the fact that they have very competitive and practical heating oil prices.

What’s a Service Agreement?

When you’re contemplating on signing a service agreement, make sure you know the components of such contract. Here are the features you need to know about:

home heating deliveryPreventative Maintenance – This one includes annual maintenance, adjustments, and instrument tune-up, all for the purpose of maximizing the heating equipment’s operating efficiency.

Furnace/Boiler Maintenance – This type of maintenance meanwhile includes the traditional maintenance routines and cleaning. It primarily deals with the structural components of basic heating equipment. The most common service under this is the replacement of a defective boiler.

Burner and Controls – This includes the replacement or the adjustment of the end cones, nozzles, and other things related to the burner and electronic controls.

Zone Coverage – This maintenance service includes the main zone of the heating systems, commonly referring to the zone valves or circulators.