If You Want to Increase Your Home’s Value, Follow These Landscaping Tips

By | February 25, 2016

If you’re planning to sell your home, you should know how important it is to make a good first impression. But focusing on the improvements inside is a mistake you cannot afford to make. You see, the outdoor landscaping is one aspect of increasing your home’s value that has to be given that much attention. You can’t assume that the potential buyer will go straight to your home and see what’s inside. Sometimes, the outside appeal is given more weight since no one’s going to purchase a home that needs a lot of work on the outside. So make sure you have an attractive and inviting landscape that will increase the value of your home and earn the respect of prospective buyers.

First Tip – Get everything started by cleaning your whole yard several weeks before you plan on showing it to prospects. You can’t start cleaning up today and schedule someone to look at the property tomorrow. That’s just plain dumb. Putting things in order and organizing everything outside are the things you should be doing in order to kick start on what should be a lengthy process of building the ideal landscape outside.

Second Tip – Use container plants in entrances. Doing so will create the impression that the property is welcoming and hospitable. They’re also great in doorways and patios because they are so versatile that you can pair or combine them with anything. But of course, keep it manageable and organized; don’t put too much of them that they start to appear as clutter.

(photo credit: potteddesert.com)

Third Tip – Don’t forget to integrate some mulch. The addition of freshly placed mulch will give your garden or yard the new and lively look it deserves. Its color is intended to improve the contrast of the plants that surround the land. The best thing about using mulch is that it is affordable and can be applied without professional help.

Fourth Tip – Another way to liven up your landscape is to put in more seasonal color. There’s nothing wrong with it if you’re not overdoing it. You can either go for a mixture of several colors or perhaps settle for a more monochromatic theme. Either way, you’re good to go!

But you must remember that in landscaping, it’s not just about making steps to beautify the area. You also must pay attention to the more technical and functional aspects of the yard to make sure they contribute to the increase of your home’s value.

Here are some more tips:

1 – You must ensure that water features are always clean and presentable. Many homeowners commit the mistake of being too ambitious with water features in their landscape that they end up failing to maintain them properly. So what happens is that algae start to build up, making the water look green and dirty. Also, a water feature that is not working must be fixed as soon as possible.

(image credit: GardenAction.co.uk)

2 – Problems with the irrigation must also be addressed. The moment you see there’s a problem with the garden’s irrigation system, you can’t just ignore it. Potential buyers and buyer’s agents are likely going to be disappointed and turned off if they see something wrong with the system, particularly because they’ll know it is a very expensive project. You certainly don’t want to tell the buyer that he or she is going to shoulder the costs of the repair.

3 – Deal with all the leaks, especially those faucets. It’s simply a big blow to your chances of selling your home if the prospective buyer sees a faucet leaking. While there’s little risk in terms of damaging your landscape or garden, the sight of a leak is a strong indication that you don’t care that much about maintaining the outdoor components of your property.