Preparing Your Home For the Winter

By | August 25, 2013

winter home prepWinter is as sure as taxes. It is something that happens every year and you can do nothing about it, or so? The thing is the best weapon for your home against the cold and blistering effects of winter is to prepare it. There’s the heat of the summer, dead and falling leaves of autumn, or the rains of spring, but nothing compares to the risks posed by the burdensome winter.

So here are some tips for you to take care of your home, including roof maintenance and other stuff:

Heating System Tune Up

The right time to prepare your home for winter is during the fall. Obviously, it’s not called preparation anymore if you’re doing it when winter already here. The cold weather is the most obvious attribute of winter and what you can do is find heating oil Allentown PA contractors and/or tune up your heating system at home.

Hiring a contractor will actually correspond to you spending lesser than expected. Yes, we provide even the simplest inspection for your furnace or heat pump to make sure the entire system is not just clean but also in good condition to take care of your temperature during the cold nights of winter.

Keep in mind that acting fast is the key since there have been a lot of instances where homeowners are too confident their heating systems are working fine and realize later on there’s some big problem like a carbon monoxide leak. And then, they ask for immediate repair in the middle of the cold winter.

Preventing Ice Dam Buildup

Try to recall the last winter. Did you experience lots of ice dams? Did you experience ice melting and eventually flow inside your house? You see, ice damming is really a serious home issue and it can cause very serious roof damage. So you really don’t have a choice but to take the necessary roof maintenance measure to prevent the same or perhaps worse damage in the coming winter.

Look for a reliable contractor that can identify any problems in the roof and the upper portion of the home that can lead to ice dams. For instance, what needs to be checked are air leaks as well as insufficient insulation in the attic. Again, keep in mind that all these have to be done when winter is still approaching. You can’t expect even the best roofing contractors or repair services to take care of your ice dam problem when winter is already wrecking havoc.

See the Roof

It’s your responsibility as a homeowner to go see and inspect your roof right before winter comes. If you think you are physically limited to do it or perhaps you’re simply not the DIY type of guy then tap the services of a roofer to do it for you. Just be reminded that checking the roof is something out of a necessity. It shouldn’t be missed out, the main purpose of which is to look for damaged, loose, as well as missing shingles. If you happen to see one, be sure to have it repaired or replaced because it can lead to leaking when snow melts on the rooftop.

roof prep winterYou can either hire a handyman for the job or a roofing contractor if you think you need someone who has expertise and experience. Of course, you are able to spend lesser with a handyman but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get the same service quality to that of a real roofer.

Clean the Gutters

Finally, be sure to have a look at the gutters. Many homeowners don’t think about it. When the gutter system is full of detritus, there’s a good chance that water can back up against the home and will eventually correspond to serious roof damage. Not only that, damage caused by unmonitored gutters during the winter will expand and extend to the sidings, wood trim, attic, and the entire roofing foundation.