Tips For Choosing Exterior House Colors

By | June 9, 2013

house paintersIf you live in a particular neighborhood where you don’t belong to certain homeowners association that follow rules and regulations, then you are quite lucky to be able to willfully change the exterior color of your home. For the homeowner in you, that might be a very good thing because you get to be creative in your own way. But how about the neighbors, are they going to like what you’re doing to your home? The thing is not all colors are ideal for exterior house painting. If you’ve painted your roof red and your exterior yellow, you might end up getting stares from passersby, and the stare isn’t really a compliment.

The thing with exterior painting is that it has a significant effect on the street or neighborhood. As a result, choosing the color is somewhat burdening and difficult on the homeowner’s part. Good Cincinnati house painters will always recommends the following tips and step when choosing a color scheme that will not just suit your style but as well as those of your neighbors and surroundings.

Planning Around the Elements

Remember that in exterior painting, there are so many components or parts of the house that needs to be retained. So you just cannot scatter and paint the roof shingles, pathways, driveways, landscape, and others. These things will always be part of your property so plan around these elements and consider them as contributory factors in determining the new color of your exterior.

What you need to look for are the ideal undertones between each of them in order to arrive at a good decision in palette selection. So that means you have to pick if the colors are cool or warm. Warm includes brown, rust, and beige and cool includes black, gray, and blue. The crucial factor is choosing paint colors that will eventually tie up and effectively blend the elements together.

Looking at the Style and Era of the House

Any good house painter knows that the home’s architectural style and theme will greatly affect your exterior paint scheme. So what you should be reminded of at this instance is that the color you choose must be appropriate to the style of your home. There are homes that are inspired by Victorian style while some have mid-century modern themes. Others are Mediterranean and Asian and there are specific exterior colors that will do well with each style.

The good news is that there are so many paint manufacturers out there that can provide you will specific colors for exterior painting that are historically accurate. You can use them as successful catalyst for the palette of your choice. But do remember that there are really no rules when it comes to specific colors to use based on your home’s architectural style. It’s just that you need a professional painter to help you determine what will look best on your exterior.

Visualizing the Effect

You also have to seriously consider and spend time visualizing the effect of the exterior color you want to use to the street and your own garden and landscape. When in the process of choosing, consider things like what should it look like from the opposite side of the road? Does the color stand out when the house is surrounded by other elements like a crowd, trees, or perhaps the neighbor’s house?  By visualizing the effect, you get to effectively adjust and determine if there is a need to use a lighter or darker shade.

Choosing Multiple Shades

house paintingGenerally speaking, an exterior scheme in a house integrates three important parts namely the field color, accent color, and trim color. The field color is the most dominant part while the accent color is responsible for putting the doors, windows, and shutters to life. Trim color is what is highlighted in window and door casings as well as edgings and railings.

For the professional and expert house painter, it is ideal for the trim color to strongly oppose the field color. Hence, if the main hue you’re using is dark enough, the opposite would be white or any other pale color shade.

So your choice of exterior house colors is very crucial because it will determine the future impact of your house in the neighborhood. But always remember that the main reason why you’re painting anew is to maintain the structure and aesthetic integrity of your home – it’s not just about looking good on the opposite side of the road.