What To Look For In A Roofing Contract When Hiring A Roofer

By | June 9, 2013

hiring a rooferThere is no better way to obtain the best and fairest roofing contract and deal than having to hire a reliable and trustworthy roofing contractor. But like any other home improvement project, the hope of hiring one is a lot easier said than done. That’s why we can always hope and dream of stumbling upon a very dependable roofer. But the real issue is what sort of things should we be looking out for when it comes to signing a roofing contract?

In this article, you will be supplied with four important and crucial “things to do” right before you decide and jump on signing a roofing contract. Each one of them must be seriously considered or even religiously followed to ensure that the roofing contract you sign is the best one for your needs.

But before we begin, the homeowner in you must be able to recognize the fact that any investment involving the roof, either major repair or replacement, or perhaps installation, is always considered as a huge – something that requires not just time and effort, but also huge amount of money. And because it is tangibly a costly investment you have to make, there’s that glaring need to be very wise in coming up with a contract that will be fair enough on your end.

roofing1 – Check if the roofing contract has an established place of business. Remember that when you sign a contract, the name of the roofing contractor’s firm, company, or business should be officially written in the contract. Likewise, a fixed business address or place of business should be there, or else you might be dealing with someone who’s just starting and has really nothing to offer to the table. Good Bethlehem roofing contractors, such as www.RoofingBethlehemPA.com, have their offices where they can be visited. You can’t just hire someone who goes door to door to attract potential customers, and when you ask them where can you meet, they would simply tell you to meet at a local diner or restaurant instead of offering their office or place of business.

2 – Fly-by-night roofer will never provide you with references. Therefore, if you happen to meet one who is not keen on providing you with a list of past customers and clients, then that’s a very obvious sign that he has something to hide. If they can provide references, you simply call them up and ask those people how satisfied were they when the roofer was doing a job for them. Aside from that, you do have to check the local Better Business Bureau to see if there are past complaints concerning the company you are planning to hire and weigh on if these complaints are serious enough to let you feel you need to look for someone else.

3 – In the roofing contract, there must be a mention of licensing and insurance coverage. A license number, permit to operate, and a comprehensive written proof of insurance coverage must be attached to the contract you are going to sign. You can never be too confident and trusting when your roofing contractor tells you that they will be the one who will take care of any damage incurred during the roof repair or installation process as well as worker’s compensation in cases of accidents and injuries. Be sure everything is laid out and placed in writing. As for licensing, check your local government rules and regulations when it comes to establishing business and contracts with roofing companies.

roofer4 – Do a background check, and yes, that is a necessity! You can never be too confident either on what it written on the contract. A lot of roofers don’t hesitate to offer false promises just to make sure they seal the deal before the potential client finds out what they’ve been doing in the past. As we mentioned earlier, it really helps if you can find time and effort in checking the Better Business Bureau database to see the list and history of complaints of contractors like roofers. It pays to be a bit cautious and vigilant especially when the concern in the structural integrity of your entire home.